#bloggingedumacation: Customize Your Facebook Page

How to Customize Your Facebook Page

Today’s #bloggingedumacation lesson: Facebook Page Customizations. Want to learn how to make your Facebook Page pretty? Well this tutorial is just for you! First, let’s talk about the different dimensions of the various graphics that you can customize on your Facebook Page.

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Cover Photo: 851px x 315px
Dimensions of the Facebook Cover Page

Profile Picture: Upload a 180px x 180px (Facebook will shrink to 160px x 160px)
PHPT Facebook Profile Dimensions

Application Icons: 111px x 74px
FB Application Images

Milestone Picture: 843px x 403px
FB Milestone Pic

Pinned Picture: 403px x 403px
FB Pinned Post Image

Now, let’s get to the how-to portion.

Cover Photo:
Change Cover Image
1. Hover over your existing Cover Page in the bottom Right Corner (or where the cover page is supposed to be).
2. Click the Change Cover Button and choose from the different options to select your new Cover Image.

Profile Picture:

FB Profile Picture change
1. Hover over your existing Profile picture.
2. Click the Edit Profile Picture and choose from the different options to select your new Profile picture.

Application Icons:
Application Icons Change
1. Click that number with the small arrow pointing down.
2. It will drop down all of your Application Icons.
3. Hover over one of the Application Icons and click the pin graphic.
4. Click Edit Settings.
5. Click the “Change” link in the Custom Tab Image. It will take you to a new FB page.
6. Hover over the Image and click the Edit Button (or upload a new image from scratch).
7. Click the Upload button and select the graphic you’d like to add.
8. Click save (if it let’s you save). If it doesn’t let you save. “X” out of that page after your picture has uploaded and then click the save button on your FB Page.

Milestone Picture:
A milestone picture is something that’s uploaded into your FB Page Feed. Make sure it matches the dimensions listed above. Upload your picture like normal. Then once it’s on your FB Page, select the drop down arrow in the top right corner of the actual thread post (what just got added to your FB Page feed). Select Highlight. Ta-da!

Pinned Picture:
If you’d like to pin an image to the top of your wall that will stay there, upload an image as previously mentioned (using the dimensions listed above). Click that drop down arrow and choose Pin Post.

And there you have it. You can “beautify” your Facebook Page.

Let me know if you have any questions!!

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Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today I am officially a year older. The big 33.

Don’t laugh. I don’t like getting older (who does??)

This past weekend, in honor of my birthday, a few celebrations were had.

Dinner with my hubby and best friend and hubby’s uncle.

Bestie and Me at Chuy's for Dinner

Bestie and Me at Chuy’s for Dinner

Hubby and Me at Chuy's for Dinner

Hubby and Me at Chuy’s for Dinner

We went Country Dancing after dinner. That was fun!

Then it was brunch time on Saturday. I had Eggs Benedict (so-so). Dessert was EXCELLENT!

Birthday Dessert

Birthday presents commenced. Check out my loot! (The Sunglasses were a gift to myself)

Birthday Gifts

Hibiscus Fotostrap Camera Strap

I am super excited about my new camera strap! My hubby bought it for me and had my name engraved on the leather portion (where you see the initials in the picture).

So that was basically my birthday weekend. My official birth time is 6:24pm CST so I’ve still got a bit before it’s official. ;)

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#bloggingedumacation – Webmaster Tools Keywords


In my last #bloggingedumacation lesson, I showed you how to locate your Google Analytics Keywords and why you should pay attention to what keywords are bringing people to your site. I talked about the “(not provided)” keyword that appears at the top of the keyword search list. I know many of you requested that I write a tutorial on how to “unlock” those keywords. That tutorial is coming up (hang tight!). In this lesson, I wanted to share a tutorial that can provide you more information about your keywords.

Let’s talk about the major differences between Google Analytics Keywords and Webmaster Tools Keywords:
1. There is about a 2-3 day delay in keyword results in Webmaster Tools and it only allows you to view data for the last 90 days. So download your info if you want to continue tracking it.
2. Webmaster Tools data is from Google’s Search feature only. So when you “google” something, Webmaster Tools tracks those keyword/phrase searches.
3. Webmaster Tools provides data on your top pages and top search queries relating to your website (ie…a sampling of your aggregated traffic instead of the full picture).
4. One of my favorite things about using Webmaster Tools: when you click on a keyword, it’ll show you where your visitor landed (ie what page it landed on through the keyword).

So, now that we know how Webmaster Tools differs, it’s important to note that it’s still a valuable tool. Download both keyword reports (Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools) and compare the two. You’ll get a bigger picture utilizing both reports about what keywords are bringing people to your site.

Here’s how you find your keyword results in Webmaster Tools:
1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and log-in (if you are already logged in to your gmail or some other google product, it will send you to your “Home” page on Webmaster Tools).

2. Click on your website.
Webmaster Tools Keywords 1

3. Click on Search Traffic
Webmaster Tools Keywords 2

4. Click on Search Queries
Webmaster Tools Keywords 3

5. Review your Keywords.

6. If you want to see what pages your keywords send people, click on one of them.
Webmaster Tools Keywords 4

Now, go back to your Google Analytics Keywords and compare!

What other #bloggingedumacation topics would you like to see covered? Leave your requests in the comments!

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