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Pink Heels Pink Truck

Hey y’all!! I’m Taylor and welcome to my lifestyle blog!! If you are new around these parts, welcome!! Pull up a chair and get to know my little world a bit more. :)

I am a 32 year old, Texas transplant who was born and raised in Arkansas. I moved to this great state in 1999 to attend college (TCU..Go FROGS!!) and I never looked back. I do miss the beautiful scenery of my home state, but I’ve grown roots in Texas and it looks like Texas will continue to be my “new” home.

That handsome man in the pic with me is my hubby (married in 2006). We do not have any children, unless you want to consider our used car lot a child. :) So, what can you find within my lifestyle blog?? Bits and pieces of my life. I am a Shoe-a-holic/High Heel Lover (wait, what?? SHOES?? Yes!! Go see my closet!). I love taking pictures of my outfits, but do not consider myself a fashionista in the least! {I leave that to the pros!} I enjoy tons of hobbies like crafting, cooking, photography, blog design to name a few. I enjoy restoring old cars {see that truck up in my header?? Yep…that’s my actual beauty!! She’s almost ready for paint!!} Really…the sky is the limit with me.

So, while I continue living my crazy (to me!) and always eventful life {I’m a Petroleum Landman who works away from home during the week…yes! Hotel living is my middle name!}…here is a post where you can learn more about me me me me me. You can even learn about my boots in this post.
And if you are still wanting to learn more (and you aren’t in system overload or have somewhere pressing to go anytime soon…ha!), I’ve conjured up 100 more things about me in this post titled and you thought you knew me.

So sit back, grab of glass of wine and stick around for awhile!!!
I may be little, but a pack a big punch!

PS…my previous posts (circa January 2013) were written on my former blog, Goings on in Texas. So, if you see references or pics in posts from the “past” you’ll know why. :)

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